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1923 Composition Doll

1923 Composition Doll

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This is a 23" composition doll marked only 1923. This adorable doll is missing the ends of three fingers on her left hand, but is otherwise in decent used condition. She has open and close eyes and slightly opened mouth with separate teeth. Her hair is sort of scruffy, but she has a lot of it. There are some large cracks through the surface glaze on the back of her neck and along her hairline. There is also a small crack above her left eye. She comes with a long white dress, pair of socks, silky wrap, pink playsuit, pink dress, black and white checked shirt, and blue dress with lace pockets and trim. She was stored wrapped in a plastic bag surrounded by cedar chips. All of the clothing items have some flaws, some more than other. I did not attempt to clean or wash anything. Sorry, but this item cannot be combined with any other items for shipping.

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