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Ace Novelty 1990 Dealer Catalog

Ace Novelty 1990 Dealer Catalog

Product Code: VC521
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This is a 1990 Ace Novelty Dealer Catalog. The 113 glossy, full-color pages feature a variety of plush toys, party favors, toys, novelties, inflatables, gifts and notions, glassware, and custom imprints. Licensed properties include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (plush, pillows, inflateables, pins ), Woody Woodpecker (plush, inflateable), Berenstain Bears (plush), Bozo (plush), Heathcliff (plush), Batman (plush, pillow, squeeze bottles, mug, frisbee, t-shirts, ball caps), Gumby (plush, inflateables), Kit-Kat (plush), Crayon (plush, inflateable, cups), Tom and Jerry (plush), Betty Boop (soft doll), Nintendo (keychains, pins, clip-ons, banks, squeeze bottles, mugs, and Mario inflateable and plush chair plus Zelda pins), and Mighty Mouse (bank, keychain, clip-on). There is also a new products flier. It is in good, used condition.

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